Attractions in sourrandings

We suggest to our guests all the touristic informations necessary to discover the landing. The knowledge of landscape is one of the most important aspect of our working. Please consult our itinerary: sea and mountain.

For our guests we suggest:

  1. The Adriatic Sea with white beaches (12km).
  2. The city of Pescara with local for young people and native land of Poet Gabriele D’Annunzio (12km).
  3. Centers of historical interest in the immediate nearness such as Penne, Loreto Aprutino, Cappelle sul Tavo (3 km).
  4. Medieval Churches in the historic center of Moscufo.
  5. Trekking routes
  6. Oasis W.W.F., one of the best stocks you can find (8 km).
  7. The ski-slopes of Campo Imperatore (25-30 Km).
  8. Park of Majella near the town of Chieti (20-25 Km).
  9. Park of Gran Sasso along street for Penne (15-20km).
  10. The golf club (20 Km).

Moscufo distance 13 km from Pescara.

Airport “Aeroporto D’Abruzzo” only 7 km far from Moscufo.

Distance from ROME only 200 km.